Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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The topic of the MIG Welder could sometimes be difficult to digest. This info aims to address these difficulties. The Metal Inert Gas or MIG welder has been developed since the 1940s and has become the choice way to weld. It uses a procedure called gas metal arc welding (GMAW). It is a relatively simple process. It uses a welding gun to control the feeding of a wire, also known as the electrode, and distributes a stream of inert or semi inert gas over the join to protect the process.

The high percentage of Argon in the gas mixture is needed because stainless steel does not react well with oxygen or carbon dioxide gasses. In my experience the most common gas mixture I used is C2 and that is 98% Argon and 2% Carbon Dioxide. Other mixtures use a small amount of Oxygen added to the Argon. Even though Oxygen is what causes weld defects, in small percentages it helps the arc. The welding wire chosen should be the same type as the base metal to be welded. The best way to choose a wire or electrode is to always consult with a welding supply store.

If your needs are high production welding, the Push Pull feed system will work just as well. The catch with Push Pull feeds are all of the equipment needs to be in excellent condition. That means clean contact tips, liners that are free of wear, and good rollers to push and pull the wire. Don't take the cheap route when it comes to Push Pull systems. Discover Plenty More Here: MIG Welders

MIG welders can be used to weld aluminium, tin, copper, zinc and brass., and steel. There are dozens of different compositions of MIG welding wires to choose from. This means you can get the best combination for almost any welding situation. MIG welders are the ideal choice if you only want to buy one welder, and still be able to weld on a variety of metals. If you want to start welding, a MIG welder would probably be your best choice for a welder that is very versatile and easy to learn on. ZwanzlfrastMIG2

The biggest thing going for the small machines is that they are now really cheap to buy. You can pick one up just about anywhere and they are much better and easier to use for welding jobs at home. They are light and small which makes them reasonable portable. You can pick them up and put them in the car to take around to a mate's place quite easily. Try doing that with an industrial mig. Discover Plenty More Here: MIG Welder Reviews


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