Monday, January 30, 2012

Welder Recomendations?

Jim and Rex are spot on with their recommendations. For general heavy duty use like rebuilding frames, trailers, etc, a stick welder is hard to beat. I have four Lincoln 215 mig welders and they are very good machines for general duty but best on new metal. Migs don't do well with paint or rust. Here is a nice website with different welders,

I have had difficulties getting a little 110 Mig welder lay a good bead if it was a flux cored wire. Basically the flux has to be in the center otherwise running down the liner it would rub and create problems. A 75/25 mix of argon mix and turn it on the bottle, that will make that little welder perform like a whole nother machine. Also pay attention to your buttons and switches, there are generally 3 or 4 different ways to set them up by the way the switches are thrown, one in the wrong position really messes with the performance. Welders are fun machines. Aren't you the one that goes to Chicago from time to time? Just a couple hours away, you come over, we can go through stick welding and MIG welding.


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