Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mig & Stick welder(April,2012)

Mig & Stick welder

• Follow, examine, interpret or read specifications
• Follow, interpret, or read blueprints or schematics
• Inspect for conformity to industry standards or specifications
• Preheat work pieces using hand torch or furnace
• Select and install torch, torch tip, filler rod, or flux
• Use flame cutting equipment
• Weld broken or cracked parts
• Weld close tolerances
• Weld metal parts using arc welding equipment
• Weld metal parts using stick welding
• Weld using Mig metal inert gas process
• Carbon Arc Gouging experience

• Pounds able to lift 20 - 60
• Hours able to Stand or Walk More than 5 hours

Note: Please mention in your cover letter when applying.


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