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Job offered as Welder in Sparks (Gigajob-USA)

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Job Posting as Location: Sparks (Nevada), USA
Company Name: Pacific Bulk Equipment, Inc.
Job Location: Sparks (Nevada), USA
Minimum Education: Certification in Welding
Professional Experience: 3 Years
Posted: today (2 Hours ago)
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Job Details:
Designation Welder
Job Description Pacific Bulk Equipment, Inc. is looking for experienced welders that are capable of working on tanks and semi-trucks. In a warehouse setting, the ideal candidate is experienced working with and welding heavy-duty machinery and is familiar with warehouse operations.
Employment Status Full time
Type of Remuneration Fixed salary
Job Location Sparks (Nevada), USA
Job Requirements:
Minimum Educational Qualification Certification in Welding
Professional Experience 3 Years
The Company:
Company Name Pacific Bulk Equipment, Inc.
Description of
the Company
Pacific Bulk Equipment, Inc. has recently opened its newest location in Sparks, Nevada and is well established in several regions of the country.
Specializing in service and repair of tanks and heavy trucks, Pacific Bulk is looking for someone to grow within the company.
Number of Employees 1 - 10
Information for Sparks (USA-89431)
Location: Sparks
Postal Area Code: 89431
District: Washoe
Country: USA

Other states near Nevada: Utah, Idaho, Oregon, California, Arizona

Other districts near Washoe: Carson City, Churchill, Humboldt, Lyon, Pershing, Storey

Other places near Sparks: Sun Valley, Reno

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