Wednesday, March 7, 2012

200ish for Gas/Elec MIG Welder - MIG Welding Forum

Well, at least you won't waste money on a useless thin extension from b&q etc...

Will you be looking at putting in a semi-permanent cable in the ground, or just an extension you can reel in at the end of the day?

Reason for asking is that if you go for the semi-permanent option you can get your electrician to put in a bigger cable for maybe 16 or even 32 Amps, so if you buy a bigger s/h pro welder anytime in future you will still be able to run it. Underground installation is very expensive though, even if you dig the trench yourself.

If you stick to the flexible cable for now, I think 2.5mm is about the biggest option, although someone may be able to correct me on this.

I have 15M and 25M Arctic 2.5 mm extensions, and they weigh heavy, but seem to do the job okay on a dedicated 13 Amp circuit, welding up to 140 - 150 Amps occasionally without problems.


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