Friday, March 16, 2012

ESAB Buddy MMA welder - MIG Welding Forum

I thought I'd join the forums after looking around the site, it's certainly taught me a lot! I'm a sixth-form student and I'm currently teaching myself MMA welding, I'm doing a 2 year course in September which teaches Agricultural Mechanics and Fabrication.

Anyway I've got a small buzzbox called a SIP Mini Welder 80 which I bought at an auction or something, it's not very good (buzzbox) but it seems OK to start off with, I can make some nice beads and butt joints with it but I'm having trouble starting the arc and preventing sticking when starting. I'd like to upgrade to a DC Inverter because I read they're easier to work with, and I can learn scratch start TIG at a later date.

My choices so far for a new one is a Tec-Arc 165i, or a ESAB Buddy Arc 145. I know Tec-Arc machines seem to have a good reputation but I'm not 100% about this model, I'd like to know about the general reliablity of it (I'm not going to be bashing it around or anything) and whether Tec-Arc can live up to "Fully supported with expert technical support & spare parts supply for a minimum period of 10 Years.".

The other choice is the ESAB Buddy Arc 145, I don't know much about ESAB but I can get this particular welder for £200 new on eBay, are they good for reliablity and where are they made is what I'd like to know.

Of course, if any of you have any decent ideas of suitable single phase DC inverter arc welders for around the £200, I'd be interested. I'd like to master MMA before I move onto MIG and TIG.



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