Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mig welder - what's in a name?

I think all three of those are pretty good units.

When I first started MIG welding I bought a cheap Campbel Housefeld 110, and never could weld worth a damn with it. I thought I needed more and more practice. I started gas welding when I was a kid, and had years of experience stick welding heavy equipment so I thought I'd pick up the MIG welding pretty fast, but couldn't get nice results.

Later, I had a buddy working with me who had been doing autobody welding for many years. His welds with my machine were as bad or worse than mine. He slammed down the welding head and said "This thing is Sh!t." Went out that day and bought a new 220 Lincoln SP175Plus, and the beads laid down like butter. I gave my old MIG away.


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